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Secrets and Lies…

March 7

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Valerie Pickering

Christmas Day, 1992

Constance grabs Valerie’s hand and helps her friend to her feet. “They took my baby away from me, you know,” Valerie says.

“You told me that you couldn’t keep the baby,” Constance pours the remaining vodka from the bottle onto the ground. “You told me that you gave it up for adoption.”

“That wasn’t my choice. It was taken from me because I was an alcoholic.” Valerie grabs Constance by both hands. “When my baby was taken from me I vowed that I would sober up and track him down.”

“That’s why you came to Peppercorn Patch,” Constance nods.

“Yes, and I did sober up. I hadn’t had a drink in over ten years!”

“I’m sorry, Val. I didn’t know,” Constance gives her friend a guilty look. “If I knew I wouldn’t have offered you that drink.”

“It’s my fault,” Valerie turns her back to Constance. “I wasn’t strong enough. And now I’ve ruined my chances.”

“It’s not too late.”

“He’s 13 now.” A tear falls down Valerie’s face. “My baby boy is 13 years old.” She turns to face Constance again, almost angry. “I’ll never get my little Michael back.”

Cathy Gilmore

The day of the wedding

“If any of you has reasons why these two should not be married,” Father Bolton looks over the congregation, “speak now or forever hold your peace.”

The congregation grows quiet and Joanne looks out over the familiar faces. She grimaces again as a contraction takes hold of her body.

“I object!” comes a call from the back of the town hall.

The silent hall is suddenly awash with voices. Who could possibly object?

From the back of the hall, a woman dressed in turquoise starts walking down the aisle. “My name is Melody Walker,” the woman says, “and I object to the wedding of Cathy and Mark Gilmore.”

“Melody?” Mark Gilmore says to the woman walking down the aisle. He grabs a hold of Cathy’s arm to reassure her. “What are you doing here?”

“I loved you, Mark,” Melody says, stepping down the aisle closer to the couple. The noise from the congregation grows louder. “You were supposed to marry me! You weren’t supposed to marry your own wife again!”

Amber Harp

The day of the wedding

“It took a bit of work to investigate, but I know you did it,” Amber pushes Kyle. “You covered it up, but I know it was you.”

Kyle stares silently at his desk before looking up at Amber and smiling at her. “Why, aren’t you a clever one. So what if I did? I got away with it.’”

Amber is shocked. She didn’t expect Kyle Cook to confess so easily.

“That son of a bitch deserved it!” Kyle grins at her. “Now Joanne is mine.”

“So you did kill Richard?” Amber pushes her chair back slightly. She suddenly feels uneasy.

“I got away with it, didn’t I?” Kyle laughs. “You’ve come to unmask me, Amber Harlot? You and that drop-kick boyfriend of yours disgust me!”

Suddenly, a beeping sound can be heard coming from Amber’s jacket pocket.

“What’s that?” Kyle quickly jumps up and grabs at Amber, reaching into her pocket. She tries to stop him but he finds her mobile phone. “You’re recording me?” he bellows, before pitching the phone violently across the other side of the room.

“I’m sorry,” Amber says, frightened.

He grabs Amber by the shoulders and pulls her close into him. His lips brush her face. “You silly, silly girl,” he says to her. “Now you have to pay!”

Joanne Evans

One month before the day of the wedding

“Get away from her!” Joanne screams out loudly. She looks around the room to try and find something to defend herself.

Doctor Smith leaves Cathy and makes his way over to Joanne. “Joanne, my baby,” he says, as he starts to stroke her face. “Oh, how I longed to have a child of my own, and here you are.”

Quickly thinking, Joanne grabs Doctor Smith’s hand and bites it, her teeth sinking deep into his skin.

“You bitch!” he bellows, pulling his hand away and slapping her across the face. Joanne is pushed across the desk, before Doctor Smith reaches to pull her up. “I am your father! You will treat me with respect!”

Pushing the paperwork on the desk to the side, Joanne grasps for the closest object. She grabs a fountain pen, and spins her body quickly around to face her biological father.

The nib of the pen pierces through The Poetry Predator’s neck and he drops to the floor in a pool of his own blood.

The day of the wedding

Joanne reaches for her belly again and grimaces in pain. She looks down at her bridesmaid dress and notices that it is covered in blood.

“Joanne, are you okay?” Father Bolton notices Joanne trying to hold herself up. As Joanne collapses to the floor, the blood continues to flow.

“Help!” Joanne whispers faintly.

Joanne looks up at the hazy vision above her. She can just make out the blurry images of people rushing to help her.

“She’s going to lose the baby!” Joanne can faintly make out her friend, Cathy’s voice. “Joanne, honey, stay with me!”

Through the haze, Joanne suddenly makes out a red object moving closer to her. As it gets nearer to her, the image focuses and she sees the woman in red standing above her.

“Joanne.” Sylvia Jessop reaches down and takes Joanne’s hand. “It’s time to leave. I will show you the way.”

Without questioning the woman, Joanne gets to her feet and follows Sylvia through the haze.

“You’ll both be welcome where we’re going,” Sylvia Jessop says.

Joanne suddenly realises she is holding something and looks down at the newborn baby in her arms. Its naked body is still covered in blood.

Season Four begins March 7

Something is amiss in Peppercorn Patch…

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