Episode Seventy-Eight

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Act 3

Akemi Helling struggles in the water for a few moments before pulling herself out over the side of the pool. She crawls over to the side of the building. A body lying on the pavement is still. Blood is quickly beginning to pool beneath it.

Akemi instinctively looks up to the roof and sees a dark figure back away from the edge quickly.

“Help!” Akemi calls out loudly. “I need help!”

In front of her, Akemi can see a lifeless body. She rolls the body over to face her and recognises who it is immediately.

“Oh, my God!” Akemi screams. “Help! Somebody! Help!”

Through the doors leading into the building, Akemi suddenly sees a security guard running out towards her.

“Call an ambulance!” Akemi screams at him. “We need help here!”

The security guard grabs out his mobile phone and dials for emergency assistance. Akemi leans in close to the bloodied body, trying to look for any signs of life.

“Come on, please still be with me!” Akemi pleads.

She suddenly hears a sound coming from the rooftop again. She looks up towards it and notices a dark figure again.

“Where are you going?” the security guard asks Akemi as she heads towards the building’s doors.

“I’m heading up to the rooftop to find out who is up there,” Akemi calls back. “You stay here.”

“I don’t think it’s wise to go up by yourself, Ms Helling.”

“I need to find out who did this to her!”

“Take Ricky for me,” Joanne Evans steps towards Anna-Maree Axe and pushes her son forward.


“I need to keep him from Wendy Evans,” Joanne explains, placing Ricky in Anna-Maree’s arms. “If you’re Ricky’s biological grandmother, then there won’t be a legal problem with you taking him.”


“You would be saving Ricky’s life.” Joanne kisses her son on his forehead. “If Wendy ever got hold of him, I’d never see him again.”

“Are you sure you want to do this, Joanne?” Constance asks, watching on as Anna-Maree holds her biological grandson for the first time.

“No, but I need to do something to keep him from Wendy,” Joanne offers.

Anna-Maree smiles down at Ricky. He peers back at her with uncertainty. “Hello, there.”

“Please take good care of him,” Joanne instructs Anna-Maree. “I’ll be back for him in a couple of days once this custody issue is sorted.”

“Joanne, it could go on for weeks, months even,” Constance says.

Joanne looks at her son one last time before leaving the house. “I won’t let it.”

As the fire engines arrive at what was once the house belonging to Amber Harp’s sister, Olivia, darkness shields at first the devastation that has taken place.

Once emergency lighting has been set up, it becomes evident just how quickly the fire had taken hold of the house and how little of it has been left standing.

The blue and red lights from the emergency vehicles ignite the neighbourhood.

“She was in the spare bedroom,” Amber’s sister, Olivia tells a police officer. “With her son, Drake.”

“Maybe your sister was able to escape?” the officer points out.

Olivia wipes tears from her face. “It wasn’t possible. They would have been trapped.”

“Why?” the police officer asks an increasingly distraught Olivia.

Olivia puts a hand to her forehead. A large purple wound sits above her right eye. “I was attacked by someone. I was knocked out and came to just in time to get out myself. Amber and Drake were locked in the bedroom.”

“Locked?” the officer asks curiously. “Do you know who attacked you?”

Olivia holds her injury with her hand. “I didn’t see him, but there’s only one person it could have been. I was protecting my sister, you see, and her son. They were in grave danger. I was trying to protect them.”

“I don’t understand,” the police officer says. “You’ll have to be clearer.”

“I was protecting them from Doctor Peter Smith.”

“Smith?” the officer repeats. “The Poetry Predator?”

“Yes!” Olivia screams. “I knew he would hurt her!”

Police investigators shine their torches into the burnt building’s rubble, searching for Amber and her son, Drake.

“Doctor Smith attacked me and then set fire to my house!” Olivia screams out in anguish. “He’s killed my sister!”

“Over here!” an investigator suddenly shouts as he shines his torch into the smoky rubble. “I think we’ve got something!”

As Joanne exits the front door of Constance Helling’s house with her aunt, Valerie Pickering, they are encountered by a familiar face.

“Joanne?” Sergeant Michael Anders says.

“Sergeant,” Joanne says politely to him, not able to look him in the eyes. She feels a rush of panic and hopes that the police officer isn’t here to take her child away.

“Beautiful night,” Sergeant Anders says, looking up into the clear night sky. He sees the bright stars twinkling up above.

“Yes,” Joanne manages.

“Sorry, Sergeant,” Valerie suddenly says, “but we must get going.”

“Of course, I won’t hold you up,” Sergeant Anders says. “I came to see Constance.”

As Joanne and Valerie hurry off, Joanne turns to her aunt, panicked. “Do you think he’s here to take Ricky?”

Valerie tries to reassure her niece. “I doubt it. He’s on our side, remember.”

Akemi rushes up the emergency exit stairs of her newly-completed complex. She pants heavily as each step seems to become harder and harder to make. She finally reaches the top of the internal stairs and pushes open the exit door leading out onto the building’s fourth floor rooftop.

She quickly looks around in the darkness, hoping to find what she has come looking for.

Her eyes take a few moments to adjust to the darkness, having just exited the lit stairway.

She takes a step out onto the rooftop and looks around again.

On the ground, there are droplets of something dark in colour. She reaches for the emergency lighting switch and instantly the rooftop is awash with bright light.

The droplets of blood lead Akemi along the rooftop. She follows as the trail of blood travels closer to the roof’s edge.

The blood drops suddenly stop.

In front of her, the image she saw earlier on the roof is no longer dark. She can see the attacker clearly in the full light.

Akemi holds her breath as she looks to the attacker’s hand. A large knife covered in blood is gripped tightly in it.

“You?” Akemi struggles to say. She is confused. “But how could you have done this?”

She looks to the bloodied knife again as the attacker’s hand moves upward.

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