Episode Forty-Two

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[adjective. being or acting in a contrary direction; opposed or opposing.]

Present Day

“I’m desperate,” Constance whispers into the room. She can see the figure stir in the darkness. She can feel her eyes fill with tears. “Tell me where my son is.”

Doctor Smith looks at Constance and smiles. “Let him go. He’s gone.”

“Don’t tell me that! That’s not what I want to hear!”

“It’s the truth. Thomas is gone.”

“Gone where?” Constance’s whole body is shaking.

Doctor Smith does not answer. He just smiles at Constance.

“You wanted these,” Constance says, showing Doctor Smith the pair of pliers she is holding, “in exchange for information about Thomas.”

“And I’ve given you your information, Constance,” Doctor Smith replies calmly.

“You took my son away!” Constance screams. “Now tell me where he is!”

“Sshhh Constance,” Doctor Smith tries to hush the woman, “if you come close I’ll whisper Thomas’ location to you.”

Constance Helling hesitantly moves closer to the open Perspex screen and leans in close to Doctor Peter Smith. Suddenly he grabs Constance by the hair and pulls the woman in even closer to her, pulling one of her arms behind her back.

“Now you listen to me!” Doctor Smith barks at Constance. “Give me the damn pliers or you’ll never be seeing your son again!”

Scared, Constance slowly releases her grip on the pliers. Without hesitating, Doctor Smith grabs them, releasing Constance as he does so.

“You’re a gem,” Doctor Smith smiles at Constance, as she moves herself away from the opening of the cell.

“You got what you wanted,” Constance cries. “Tell me where Thomas is.”

June, 1983

Kelly Driver drops her bag in the same location after school. She pulls herself up into the tree and makes herself comfortable. For the third day in a row she has come here, all without seeing Henry Smart. She really missed Henry. She was worried for Henry’s safety.

Next to the other two etchings, Kelly etches another love heart.

KD 4 HS.

Kelly suddenly hears movement on the grass below her. She can’t see through the tree’s long droopy leaves which are obscuring her view.

“Kelly?” she hears a familiar voice. She’s longed to hear that voice. “Kelly, are you up that tree?”

Before her, Kelly sees Henry Smart.

KD 4 HS.

Before her, Kelly sees Henry Smart climbing the tree to join her.

KD 4 HS.

Before her, Kelly sees Henry Smart looking at her etchings.

KD 4 HS. KD 4 HS. KD 4 HS.

Kelly wants to run. Kelly wants to hide. Kelly wants to run and hide.

“Kelly Driver for Henry Smart, hey?” Kelly hears Henry laughing.

Henry suddenly leans in close to Kelly and their lips lock.

Present Day

“Thomas is dead, Constance,” Doctor Peter Smith says, his beady eyes shining in the limited lighting. “He knew too much so I killed him. He was trying to hurt Joanne, so I killed him.”

Constance tries to grab onto the chair located outside the cell, but instead slumps to the floor. She feels as if the whole world has just been ripped from underneath her feet.

“I know it’s not what you want to hear,” Doctor Smith continues, “but it’s the truth.”

“How?” Constance manages to whisper.

“How did I kill him, you mean? Let me think…I strangled him when he was unconscious. Then I dumped his body somewhere in the national park. Don’t ask me where. It was dark and that place is big. I gave him a burial.”

Constance jumps up from her position on the floor and hurls her body towards the cell. “You bastard!” she screams. “I hope you rot in hell for what you’ve done!”

“For what I’ve done?” Doctor Smith laughs, as he steps back into the darkness of his cell, examining the pair of pliers in his hands. “What about what Thomas did? I was doing the community a service.”

“You are a menace to society!” Constance bellows, tears streaming down her face. “You’re not a saviour!”

“Many may argue with that,” Doctor Smith says.

“You couldn’t even save Joanne!” Constance screams angrily. “You call yourself a saviour. A doctor. Look what happened to her! All your efforts to get Joanne and now you’ve lost her forever!”

June, 1983

“I’m sorry,” Kelly says as she pulls away from Henry Smart.

“What are you sorry for?” Henry asks.

“It’s just silly…”

“Nothing silly about it, Driver,” Henry says, jumping down from the tree.

Kelly secretly liked the way that Henry called her by her surname. It was like an endearing nickname that was reserved only for her. She climbs down from the tree and watches as Henry leans a bicycle against it.

“Where have you been Henry?” Kelly asks. “I haven’t seen you in days.”

“That’s what I wanted to tell you,” Henry says, looking around suspiciously. “But I can’t tell you here.”

“What do you mean?”

“We can’t talk here,” Henry whispers to Kelly, continuing to look around. “Someone might see.”

“See what?” Kelly is confused.

“Tonight,” Henry says, grabbing Kelly by the hands. “I’ll tell you everything tonight.”

“Okay,” Kelly says, still unsure.

“You need to come with me,” Henry says, adding to Kelly’s confusion.

“Come with you where?”

“I’ll tell you everything tonight,” Henry says, pointing to the metal box attached to the back of the bicycle. “I’ve packed a few things to leave town. Bring a few things with you and we can leave together.”


“I promise I’ll tell you everything tonight,” Henry says again. “I’ll meet you here at midnight.”

Present Day

Akemi Helling pushes the metal box across the table towards Kelly Driver. “My workers found this buried when they were digging the foundations,” she says.

“Why are you bringing this to me?” Kelly Driver says, looking over the box. On top of the box she can make out faded initials once written in a black marker. KD 4 HS.

“Well, you’re the park ranger.” Akemi smiles at Kelly. “So I thought you might be able to help.”


“Actually, it was what I found in the box that interested me the most,” Akemi says, pulling off the lid. “I’m sure you already know what’s in it.”

Akemi pulls out two pairs of shoes and a few pieces of clothing.

Under the table, Kelly can feel her hands perspire. “Clothes?”

“More than clothes, dear,” Akemi says, pulling out two laminated photo IDs and placing them on the table.

“I got involved in something bigger than I realised at the time!” Kelly tries to dry her wet hands on her jeans. “I didn’t realise anything was going to happen!”

Kelly looks down at the two high school identification cards. On the first she sees her 16-year-old self staring back at her. On the other she sees her best friend, Henry Smart.

Akemi Helling gives Kelly a quizzical look. “What happened to Henrietta Smart, Kelly?”

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