Episode Fifty-Nine

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June, 1983

“It was over here,” a 22-year-old Constance Helling says to Father Bolton, leading him to the location where she had attacked Henrietta Smart.

They both step timidly through the dark forest, the glow of the flashlights leading the way.

Constance shines her light over near the rocks and sees Henry’s bicycle glimmer. “She’s over here,” Constance says.

Father Bolton steps over closer to the bicycle and uses his flashlight to search the forest floor. “Where is she?”

“I don’t understand,” Constance says, her flashlight darting quickly around. “She hit her head here.”

“She’s not here, Constance,” Father Bolton states. “Maybe you were mistaken, child.”

“I know what I saw!”

“Come on,” Father Bolton says. “Let’s head back. We can search for her in the morning. She might have returned home.”

Without saying another word, Constance Helling and Father Bolton begin their trek back out of the forest.

Father Bolton sees Constance Helling back to her mother’s caravan. Once he knows that she is safe within the confines of the caravan park, he heads back to his own house.

He walks along the path surrounding the local church and steps through the church’s small garden. His small house is located at the rear of the church. As he walks past the front steps of the church, he can hear a murmur. He stops, dead in his tracks. He can hear sobbing.

Father Bolton approaches the front of the church. He mounts the steps and peers into the dark alcove. “Come out child,” he whispers.

Henrietta Smart appears in front of him. He notices that she has been crying, and in the moonlight can see that she is holding the back of her head.

“Henry, are you okay?” Father Bolton rushes to her aid.

“My head hurts,” Henry sobs. “I don’t remember what happened.”

“Come on inside and I’ll get you cleaned up,” Father Bolton says, guiding her into his house.

Present Day

Kelly Driver sits on the chair next to the bed. The local ranger holds rosary beads in her hand, silently reciting some prayers.

In the hospital bed lies somebody who she thought she had lost. Father Bolton is being kept alive by the whirring machines surrounding him and invading his body.

“Please wake up,” Kelly says.

The door to the room suddenly opens and Kelly looks on in awe as a woman enters the room. Geraldine Jenkins smiles timidly at Kelly and sits down on the edge of the bed next to Father Bolton.

Kelly doesn’t know what to say. The woman in front of her is leading a double life. She knew her once as Henrietta Smart.

“Has there been any news?” Geraldine finally says, breaking the silence. “Is he going to be okay?”

“I don’t know,” Kelly mumbles.

“He’s a good man,” Geraldine says. “He’s helped a lot of people.”


“He helped me too.” Geraldine looks to Kelly, but Kelly is looking at the floor. “I’m sorry, Kelly. I never meant to hurt anyone.”

June, 1983

Father Bolton hands Henry a mug of hot chocolate and she holds it between her cold hands, attempting to warm them.

“We went to try and find you, Henry,” Father Bolton tells her. “Constance told me what happened.”

Henry rubs the back of her head. “I don’t remember what happened.”

“Why were you trying to run away, Henry?” Father Bolton asks.

“My parents wouldn’t understand,” Henry whispers.

“About your relationship with Kelly?” Father Bolton queries.

“How did you know?” Henry is surprised.

“Constance told me. She told me about you and Kelly. She’s been watching you.” Father Bolton wraps a blanket over the young girl’s shoulders.

“Constance is going to ruin everything!”

“Ruin everything? Constance thinks that she killed you.”

“Good! Let her believe that!” Henry takes a sip of her drink. “I’m going to be leaving this town anyway!”

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know.”

“What about Kelly?”

Henry sets the mug down on the table and stares silently in front of her. A tear falls down her face. “Poor Kelly, I didn’t want to hurt her.”

“Hurt her?”

“I love Kelly, but only as a friend,” Henry confesses. She buries her head in her hands. “I’m not gay – that’s not the reason I’m leaving town!”

Present Day

“You have some explaining to do.” Kelly is hurt. “You just left.”

“I’m sorry,” Geraldine says, standing up from the bed and approaching Kelly, “I didn’t have a choice.”

“No choice?”

“I needed to protect Catherine.”

“Catherine?” Kelly is confused. “You had another lover?”

“Catherine is not my lover.” Geraldine grabs Kelly’s hand. “Catherine is my daughter.”

June, 1983

“I don’t understand. What is the reason you’re leaving, Henry?” Father Bolton asks.

Henry looks to her belly and rubs it. “I’m pregnant.”

Father Bolton steps back, almost in horror. “But – but, how?”

“I don’t need to explain how people get pregnant to you, do I Father?” Henry says, annoyed.

“I mean,” Father Bolton stutters. “Who is the father?”

“I was silly,” Henry says. “Just some boy from school. We fooled around.”

“Henry.” Father Bolton is disappointed.

“My parents can’t find out – they would take the baby away. That’s why I’m leaving town.”

“Please stay – I can help you,” Father Bolton urges.

“I need to leave.”

Present Day

“So you never loved me,” Kelly says, hurt. “You were using me because you were pregnant with your daughter, Cathy.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I don’t understand,” Kelly says. “Why did you want me to leave with you?”

Geraldine closes her eyes and sighs heavily. “The truth is, Driver, you were never coming with me.”

Kelly is confused.

“I’m an awful person,” Geraldine continues. “When I sent you away that night, I was going to leave – without you.”

A tear falls from Kelly’s eye.

“I was never a good friend – nor your lover,” Geraldine confesses. “I was setting it up to look like we were lovers so that when I did run away, people would think I did so because I was ashamed of my sexuality. I was sure my parents would never come looking for me if they thought I was gay. But if they knew that I had a child…”

Kelly buries her face in her hands.

“I was right,” Geraldine adds. “I disappeared. Everyone found out that I was having a ‘relationship’ with you and no-one came looking for me. Not even my parents.”

Kelly wipes her tears away from her face and stands up next to Geraldine Jenkins. “But I loved you,” Kelly sniffs. “And I never stopped thinking about you.”

Without saying another word, Kelly Driver walks past Henrietta Smart and exits the hospital room.

“I’m going crazy!” Constance Helling paces back and forth along the hallway in her house. “I’ve seen a ghost.”

Constance picks up a brown paper bag and breathes heavily into it.

“I saw Henrietta Smart die right in front of me,” she says to herself. “How is she still alive?”

Constance walks to the large window overlooking the town of Peppercorn Patch below her. She pulls the curtains closed, afraid of the darkness on the other side of the glass. “I’ve seen a ghost,” she pants.

Suddenly, there is a loud banging noise. Constance is startled and drops the paper bag.

Another loud bang informs her that there is someone at the front door.

Constance trembles. The knocking becomes more insistent.

She walks slowly to the front door, picking up the heavy poker from next to the fireplace.

Constance raises the poker in the air and slowly turns the door handle. The front door creaks open.

In front of her, Constance Helling sees a real ghost.

She screams. She pants. She waves the poker in attack.

Suddenly, the ghost steps forward, grabbing her. Constance is suddenly comforted.

“Hello, mother,” Thomas Helling says. “It’s time for payback.”

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