About the Author

The idea for this story came to me one day while I was weeding my garden. It just seemed so obnoxious that all these different varieties of weeds were winding their way through all of the other plants. These pesky prickles were invading spaces – and it reminded me of a small community of people where no one person’s business is just their own. Everyone winds their way into other people’s lives – like Obnoxious Weeds.

I’m Kendall – I love a great story, particularly suspenseful thrillers, so I thought I’d have a go at writing one myself. Obnoxious Weeds is a bit of a mix of genres – part thriller, part mystery, part drama, part soap opera. I have drawn on inspiration from many of my favourite books, movies and television series – there are subtle nods to those I love the most.

Check in every Monday for the latest episode – 12 episodes per season. Season Six coming soon!

I hope you enjoy reading my story – I’ve really enjoyed writing it.

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